Finding the Best Party Rentals Near You

What you do on the party scene can be almost as crucial as your guests themselves! A party’s purpose is to provide an environment that will allow people to not only enjoy the event but also remember it fondly. Miami is the land of partying so allow Opus Event Rentals help you create the event to remember!


Rental of a mechanical Bull is the best way to ensure that your party will be a hit. Remember that this isn’t a small party item as the required space for it is 20×20 feet. This goody is guaranteed to bring a lot of laughter and fun with friends if you are able to provide the necessary space. Be sure you keep your smartphone or camera nearby so you can catch your guests trying to grab on as hard as possible! How much power can a camera give? A mechanical bull and a status update on Facebook are also powerful!

Water slides and bounce house are also available if you plan to throw a children’s party. A kid loves to splash around in the water. It is important to note that the water slide measures 15x25ft and requires a space of 18x30ft. So, make sure your yard is big enough. You can select from a variety of bounce house themes. You can choose from a range of bounce house themes including toddler zones, sports themes, and castle themes.

Tents are available for those very hot Miami days to protect your guests, and even the food. This is ideal for a wedding party or event. A heat stroke will make you want to leave the area as soon as possible. There are three types of event tents: frame tent, pinnacle-style tent and pinnacle-style tent with sidewalls. Also available are portable ACs, pedestal fans, misting fan, lights and other accessories. Cool guests are happy guests!

Tables and chairs can be rented because, of course, a party would not be complete without the ability to serve food and allow guests to mingle. For chairs, you can choose from the Chiavari chairs, bar stools or folding chairs. You can choose from a variety of table styles, including the cocktail/pub, half-moon, or serpentine tables. Miami Party Rental Supply offers a variety of table options.

As for heaters, there are several options to keep guests warm. It comes with a propane tank of 20 pounds that can last six hours. The patio heater heats an area of ten feet in diameter. Pool heaters can be rented to heat the pool water no matter what the weather outside. Allow 6 hours to get the temperature of your pool up to between 82 and 85 degrees before you start.

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